Giant Moving-Garage-Yard Sale

WHEN: Saturday August 31st & Sunday September 1st

9 a.m. - 4 p.m. Early birds will be put to work! We need time to setup!

WHERE: 1302 Route 44, Poughkeepsie

(but actually on the edge of Pleasant Valley and Poughkeepsie).

​-Heading North on 44 into Pleasant Valley, from Poughkeepsie, it's the first driveway past the "Welcome to Pleasant Valley" sign.

-Right next to Arnoff's (just north of Arnoff's)


WHAT: Lots of furniture leftover from our recent dance studio move, combined with lots of other stuff from 3 different households, including (but not limited to;

Storage containers, cleaning supplies, music recording and performing equipment, musical instruments for kids,  benches, chairs, lamps, kitchen appliances and serving utensils, building supplies, lots of burgundy colored things, several large mirrors, coat hangers & clothing racks, bookshelves, cabinets, vacuum cleaners, Office supplies and shelving, stools and tables, carpeting, unused linoleum, window shades & curtains, folding tables. kitchen tables. Trash cans. Video and photography equipment,Floor mats, decorative paintings, Decorative serving dishes, Computer tables, Office chairs, office furniture, desktop promotional stuff (brochure & business card holders)...


Hudson Valley Dance Depot